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The Sans Serif uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

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Press Release:
There’s A New Serif In Town

New Website ‘The Sans Serif’ Changes The World

San Francisco, CA: Today, The Sans Serif, the best lifestyle website about the best things in the best city, announced that they are ready to change the world. The Sans Serif is celebrating it’s official launch with tons of original content covering a wide range of lifestyle topics such as current events, media reviews, restaurant reviews and op/ed pieces with a focus on the best stuff.

Of the company’s recent Internet success, The Sans Serif founder and CEO Joel Finkelstein said, “I didn’t build The Sans Serif, The Sans Serif built me. Rome wasn’t built in a day and The Sans Serif wasn’t built in Rome. I couldn’t be prouder for The Sans Serif success.”

To create this momentous website, The Sans Serif planned and executed the following tactics:

After deciding, based on gut instinct, that the Internet wasn’t funny enough, The Sans Serif recruited unknown writers who were known funny people to write about things they had very little knowledge about.
The volume of content was achieved by copying and pasting from already existing articles and changing a couple of key words. That was also done for this press release.

About The Sans Serif: The Sans Serif is a life-changing lifestyle blog based in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2013, The Sans Serif has changed and styled every life it’s come into contact with. The Sans Serif was voted Best New Internet in 2014 by the Internet Hackosphere Awards.

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