Prawn Shop

Album Review: Prawn Shop – “Prawn In The Game”

Prawn Shop come out rocking hard on the title-track first single, “Prawn In The Game”, a stomping rebel anthem that wants to tear the roof off the honky-tonk.

On another electric-guitar-charged rave-up, “That’s Prawn Rock & Roll,” Prawn Shop gets in the gospel spirit to deliver more righteous, Springsteen-esque passion, while “Give Me Back My Prawns,” the nostalgic second single, nods to Bruce’s “My Hometown.”

But even if Prawn Shop prefer baseball caps to cowboy hats, some of the best Outsiders moments – from the reflective ballads “Prawn Side” and “A Prawn Who Was Gonna Die Young” to “Cold One,” a beer-swilling breakup song – are firmly rooted in good ol’ country tradition.