Drought Tips For Smarter Water Use

The summer might be coming to a close, but the San Francisco summer is just getting started. With the state in its worst drought in history, it’s time to start thinking about how we could all be doing our part to conserve water.

Switch from coffee to Adderall.
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The ocean, man. It’s, like, right there.
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Your body is 80% water. Try watering your lawn with your own blood.
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Empty lakes and reservoirs make great skate parks, so grab your boards and get ready to shred!

And on the bright side, if our lakes and reservoirs are at 10% of their water capacity, that means they’re at 1000% fish capacity.
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Change your bongwater no more often than twice a day.
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Spay and neuter your houseplants.
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Wash your car in the pool.
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