Reno Hotels Enforce a Strict ‘No Burners’ Policy

In the wake of the recent closure of the main gate at this year’s Burning Man, several hotels, restaurants, and public pools in nearby Reno, Nevada have instituted a ‘no Burners’ policy, barring Burning Man attendees from their establishments.

“It all started with the tents.” Said Ricky Ordalle, a weekend concierge at the Silver Legacy, “We had to have security explain to several hotel guests that they weren’t allowed to set up ‘pleasure tents’ in the lobby . . . and there were smells and stains that lingered long after the tents were gone . . . Also these Burning Man folk kept trying to haggle for their room rates, offering bizarre payment forms that are most certainly NOT legal tender. I thought ┬áthese were supposed to be wealthy tech moguls, what kind of computer whiz thinks that they can pay for a hotel room with honey sticks?”