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Nation Catches Giants Playoff Fever – Orange and Black Everywhere

Its official – orange and black is the new Orange Is the New Black. Seemingly overnight, from DIY home decorations to grocery store candy aisles, it looks like everyone is getting into the spirit of the San Francisco Giants playoff run.

Gum drops

Gum drops, yum. I wonder if the black one is licorice…


Correct us if we’re wrong, but wasn’t the Brachs logo pink and white? I wonder why the change of heart. In any case, we’re not complaining.


Pumpkins have always been orange, but this year we’re seeing them out in full force in support of our team.


Can you get more San Francisco than Dia de los Muertes candy skulls? Oh yeah you can, by making them ORANGE AND BLACK.

Candy cane

For the Etsy crowd, we’ve got these old timey candy canes done up in Giants colors. Together we are crafty.


Looks like we’ve got all the orange and black snacks we need for our playoff watching parties. Thanks, America – go Giants!