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The Must-See Pants at This Year’s Treasure Island Festival

It’s October, and that means two things for San Francisco. One is that its time to start thinking about your costume for Halloween – and the other is that it’s time to start thinking about your outfit for Treasure Island. This year’s jeans festival features Washed Out, Bleached, and White Denim. What will YOU wear?


Washed Out – a classic look, washed-out jeans are having a moment with the emergence of ‘normcore’. Get your Seinfeld on!


Bleached – this throwback will remind you of some of your favorite pants from the ’80s and ’90s.


White Denim – while white denim may have had its heyday a decade ago with pants such as the White Stripes and Andrew WK, many continue to still rock it. But at Treasure Island, a word to the wise – beware of grass stains.