Internet cafe

Internet Safety Tips

San Francisco is a hot town for technology, there’s no doubt about that. Some people call the tech startup bonanza a new California gold rush, but you’d better remember to be careful out there, pardner. Sometimes you gotta wonder if the WWW in the internet addresses stands for World Wide Web, or Wild Wild West! Here are some tips to help you stay safe in cyberspace.

Make sure your browser only accepts artisanal cookies. It may sound obvious, but not every cookie is the same. You don’t eat hydrogenated soybean oil, so why should you put it in your computer? It’s common sense. There are plenty of great new cookies in San Francisco, from pop-ups to food trucks. If you’re buying organic handmade treats for your dog, you should expect better for your browser too.

If you’re using the wifi at a cafe, you can check the Yelp reviews to see if hackers like to go there. If you see a five-star review from a guy called “Anonymous” with a “V For Vendetta” user profile pic, there’s a good chance that cafe is a hacker hot spot.

And if you’re using hashtags for the first time, be careful. Make sure you use the hashtag #sanfrancisco on every post you make while in San Francisco. Adding a #california or #norcal hashtag doesn’t hurt either. But you can stop short of tagging #USA and #earth, even if you technically are in those places too.

And of course, remember to have fun!